​​NortherN Processes & Sales

ABRASIVES; Fiber Discs, Quick Change Grinding Discs, Paper Backing Sanding Discs, Resin Cloth Backed Sanding Discs, 1"-9", All Grits, All Minerals, All Weights, Dustless Applicable

EUROVAC SYSTEMS; 2.5-75HP Systems, Overhead, In Ground, Portables, Wet Mix Systems, Explosion Proof Systems, NFPA/OSHA/EPA/TAA Compliant, Dustless Equipment

MRO SUPPLY; Paper Products, Bags, Anti Static Accessories, Sanitation, Chemicals, Janitorial

Combat frustration with our easy to use tools. Each ergonomically designed tool we recommend is made light and built tough to with stand many elements of destruction in a busy plant. Don't have your workers fall behind, jump ahead with the best tools on the market!

Industrial Manufacture Supply

TOOLS; Saws, Cut-Offs, Drills, Sanders, Floor Tools, Diamond Tools, Routers, Grinders, All Sizes, Dustless Applicable

Our abrasives range in the no hole to hole from many different sizes. Why would ours last longer? NPS uses papers that have high flexibility to avoid cracking and stress chipping, lasting longer. Our fiber discs are some of the most rugged abrasives you can find and are beloved in composite mold shops.

Dustless made easy. Our industrial grade systems boast durability. Finding the right fit is as easy as a phone call with one of our trained technical assistants, each having years of experience in the field of large overhead vacuum systems. Overhead too large or not within budget for this time? Our economical portable systems pack the punch and mobility to get the job done.

          As the best of large industrial overhead and portable systems, we believe in our market. That's why we have worked tirelessly to bring you our 100% designed and manufactured Eurovac systems. Our systems brag a long life and rugged element durability. Our custom cut and made abrasives work best with our systems and optimize performance. You'll also get the longest life possible with our industrial grade backing discs and tools. Come see our wares below for a quick look and request a quote or full catalog today!

Finesse, Janitorial, Sanitation, basic MRO is something NPS has offered our customers for decades. If you need an alternative or name brand product at less than whole sale costs we can provide what you need whenever you need it. Be it any product on the market, NPS is partnered with many name brand and private brand manufacturers to get you the best price.

GSA Contract No.: GS07F099GA

United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.