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       Northern Processes & Sales has been supplying boat builders and boat repair for decades spanning across the USA. What makes us so appealing that we have such a record? Well, our uniquely engineered Eurovac systems we supply along with our proven quality in abrasives and tools. Why more boat entrepreneurs turn to us for help can only be answered by seeing what we can do for you. Come take a look at our abrasives for teaking solutions or maybe something else for canvasing or composite molding. We have wood working solutions as well for those classic builders looking to complete that perfect wood finish. NPS has the latest products to keep your shop ahead of the curve so ask a representative today what we can help you accomplish.

QUICK CHANGE/MINI GRIND DISCS; Ergonomic, 1"-5", Great For Spot Grinds, Excellent Price, Dustless Applicable

Do you need help finding the abrasive or disc to give you that perfect teak deck look? Look no further than our specialized wares meant to create that scuffed and elegant surface boaters come to love. We also have many more abrasives to work with surface prep, welds, and just your general application sanding.

Marine Works: The Boat Builder's Supply

Portable Eurovac systems are ever popular among our boat working friends and allies. We offer a large selection of specialized portable vacuum systems to get your job done and dust free.

TOOLS; Saws, Cut-Offs, Drills, Sanders, Floor Tools, Diamond Tools, Routers, Grinders, All Sizes, Dustless Applicable

FIBER DISCS; 3"-9", All Grits, Dustless Applicable

Our tools help push our abrasives to their limits so you are assured a maximum life and maximum performance. We hand selected each tool to be versatile and competent for the job. If you are unsure which tools you will need, please contact a specialist here at NPS. You will be satisfied with the finished product.

Our mini grind discs are great for contour-grinding and smoothing out those tight sanding spots. Learn of free-form flexibility and control with our rugged and popular quick-change discs. They come in any mineral or type required of the application and will not disappoint. We have these in dust collection models as well, just ask!

EUROVAC PORTABLE SYSTEMS; 2.5-15HP, Overhead, Portable, Wet Mix Systems, Explosion Proof Systems, Direct Hose Plug In, Dustless Systems

GSA Contract No.: GS07F099GA

United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.