​​NortherN Processes & Sales

NPS offers an expansive selection of abrasive wares. Our abrasives can meet the governments needs for any type of environment. From flap wheels, to rolocs and down to sanding sheets we have it all. Manufactured right here in the USA and Canada, NPS has decades of experience and innovation that brought the most rugged abrasives to market. It is no wonder the government chooses us over other manufacturers for quality and price.

Our vacuums are industry known. Among them are a wide range of HEPA filtrated portable vacuum systems available for our government friends. From the compact cyclonics to full sized industrial grade, there are plenty of options to keep our patriots working efficiently. Lose the downtime and noise from cleanup and find new hope in military grade dust collection, reclamation and fume extraction with a Eurovac! Buy a properly engineered system today.

               Statistic on-site studies have shown our abrasives and equipment to match alternative products every bit of the way and to out perform in cases. As the progenitors of fume and weld dust extraction equipment in auto-boy repair shops, we stand behind our products and now offer industrial applications to our government. As we manufacture most of our equipment and abrasives and only employ the most hardy and battle-tested products on the market, you can be assured of any NPS branded item performing to its fullest for you. We offer sensible pricing of our products as every material is converted efficiently in our productions and manufacturing. Our unique one-shot total sales experience takes you from beginning manufacturing to the end user by looking at the holistic approach and breaking it down to the unique experience our customers need. When our government shops our wares, NPS makes it easiest by assisting and performing its legal vendor duties by the book. NPS personnel are trained and versed in government solicitations ensuring quick returns and compliance. Come request information and a quote to find out how easy we can make your MRO and fulfill your needs at a better price. There's no harm and only money to be saved; make your government more efficient now. Our products are TAA, EPA, NIOSH, OSHA and NFPA compliant.

  NPS is now contracted with the GSA! Federal    customers please find our products on GSA  Schedule 56 SIN 253 52 under contract number  GS07F099GA.

NPS' tools are made with special housings manufactured right here in our facility. If you don't need a vacuum capable tool then don't worry, we offer non-vac alternatives as well. Our tools are made of rugged materials for tough jobs to avoid unnecessary factors of harm. NPS also offers free repairs to our DA product line as a customer commitment on our end. NPS is the tool supplier of government, why settle for less! 

BACKING PADS; Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Medium Hard, Hard, 1"-9" Backing Pads, Fiber Disc Plates, 17" For Floor Sanders, Holes Or No Holes, Dustless Applicable

With NPS' standard low profile pads maximum use can be obtained. The sleek ubiquitous design and rugged material used in production of our pads allows you to continue rigorous production for weeks to months. You never have to feel locked into a tool brand either, our pads are easily interchangable to many different tools. Lastly, our pads can be custom channeled for optimal vacuum efficiency so your system is never underperforming.

We offer plenty of clean up tools, hoses and accessories for our industrial vacs. From roller bottoms to simple brushes and crevice tools we have you covered. Among our cleanup tools we offer convenient hangers and motorized reels. Our accessories are great to combat FODs. Next time you go through our wares look into our convenience packages!

ABRASIVES; Fiber Discs, Quick Change Grinding Discs, Paper Backing Sanding Discs, Resin Cloth Backed Sanding Discs, 1"-9", All Grits, All Minerals, All Weights, Dustless Applicable, TAA Compliant

     Department of Defense:           Military Grade Supply

CLEANUP/TOOL ACCESSORIES; Hose Whips, Air Lines, Vacuum Tools, Hose Reels, Suction Shrouds, Tool Upgrades, And More! Dustless Applicable

TOOLS; Saws, Cut-Offs, Drills, Sanders, Floor Tools, Diamond Tools, Routers, Grinders, All Sizes, Dustless Applicable

GSA Contract No.: GS07F099GA

United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.

EUROVAC SYSTEMS; 2,5-75HP, Overhead, in Ground, Portables, Dustless Equipment

Contract No.: GS07F099GA