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United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.

​​NortherN Processes & Sales

QUICK CHANGE DISCS; Ergonomic, 1"-5", Great For Spot Grinds, Excellent Price, Dustless Applicable

NPS offers a large selection of every type of Fiber Disc our composite mold friends need. Shave off those rough edges with our sharp and rugged non-vac or vacuum capable discs. We take pride in sending the best quality for the best price with our Gemtex and Eurovac brand discs. You'll never know a cut quite like this.

NPS rolls out the best in tool lines available. With over 25+ years in the tool supply business and having experienced thousands of composite technologies you too can come search our wares to find out why we trust our selected tool manufacturers over others. Speak to a rep today to find the perfect fit and application, at sensible prices, for your unique application!

​Composite Molding Supply

TOOLS; Saws, Cut-Offs, Drills, Floor Tools, Sanders, Diamond Tools, Routers, Grinders, All Sizes, Dustless Applicable

FIBER DISCS; 3"-9", All Grits, Dustless Applicable

Total solutions is a key aspect of our business. Free consultation and evaluation is offered in terms of our Eurovac vacuum systems. Come find out how a properly engineered vacuum system can help elevate your manufacturing above the competition with features that reduce hazards and improve reclamation.

            The composite molding industry is a dusty business. What better way to clean it up than coming to the best dustless engineering team in North America. Our specialty is to see your fiberglass and composite littered plant cleaned. Hazards in the air are a threat not only to your employees, whom are your valuable assets, but to your guests who tour your production facilities as well. How can we help? We have the dedicated vacuum systems you need to clean 99.97% of all dust at 0.3 microns at the source. Not convinced? Our vacuum systems are properly engineered and aren't propped up, glorified shop vacuums which you will see continuously with the competition pushing for a quick buck. All our systems are sensibly priced and can be demoed or viewed on YouTube. We have the dustless tools and abrasives to keep you clean and compliment our systems as well. Not particularily looking for dust-free technology? We have those same amazing tools and abrasives as regular. Find out how we can keep production up and dust down today!

EUROVAC SYSTEMS; 2.5-75HP Systems, Overhead, In Ground, Portables, Dustless Equipment

Our quick change discs are great for precision cutting of fiberglass edges and roughing out panels. The best types are discs are the easiest to manage and our quick change mini-grind discs do just that. You'll have your crew happy with the materials they'll be able to manipulate now with our discs. We also offer other shapes for different applications!