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United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.

​​NortherN Processes & Sales

Having weld scarring issues? Our flap-discs are the perfect touch to cleaning and smoothing out an ugly weld. Your post-weld finishers will have no problem contouring and moving around with our wheels. The flapdiscs advantage resides in their overlapped design, improving performance and allowing you to get those hard to sand areas where there is little to no movement. Our flapdiscs will make your weld repairs smooth.

The ever-popular aluminum oxide miracle blue paper we offer comes in a myriad of grits to do the right job for your projects. Our miracle blue paper minimizes load with our specialized stearate to give your auto shop a quality job and longer sand. Our miracle blue is a C weight paper.

Dust, weld, fumes - you name it! Our industrial grade Eurovacs are the perfect touch for keeping your shops clean and fume free. Come find out how a Eurovac portable or overhead can save your shop cleanup time and keep your environment healthy.

Our flexible aluminum oxide brown paper we offer comes in all grits and sizes. This tough paper specializes in being durable and flexible. This is a paper competitors fear. Our brown velour is an A weight paper.

EUROVAC PORTABLE SYSTEMS; 2.5-15HP, Overhead, Portable, Wet Mix Systems, Explosion Proof Systems, Direct Hose Plug In, Dustless Systems

Abrasive Loading ceases to be an issue anymore! Get that steel, aluminum and polymeric compound ready for primer and polish with a great waterproof abrasive in many sizes offered. Our emery paper (water proof abrasive products) out performs competitors and offers a perfect wet-sand and polish for any auto-body repair application at a better price. Fish eye swirls are minimized as our water proof paper is non-stearated. You no longer will have to shop around for the "best". 

FLAP DISCS; 3"-6", Layered, Round Edge, All Grits, All Minerals, Dustless Applicable

Automotive Supply

Our mini grind discs are great for contour-grinding. Learn of free-form flexibility and control with our rugged and popular quick-change discs. They come in any mineral or type required of the application and will not disappoint. We also offer an incredible stock of full size fiber discs.

QUICK CHANGE/MINI GRIND DISCS; Ergonomic, 1"-5", Great For Spot Grinds, Excellent Price, Dustless Applicable

BROWN VELOUR; 1"-6", 9" x 11", All Grits, Aluminum Oxide, A Weight, Holes Or No Holes, Dustless Applicable

WATERPROOF VELOUR (NON STEARATED); 1"-6", 9" x 11", All Grits, Aluminum Oxide, Dustless Applicable

         The automotive world is why NPS was founded. The necessary dustless market is what the auto industry needed in the late 1980's and early 1990's, and still does. Brought into the automotive age in Michigan, NPS made its mark. NPS has been in the automotive business for decades and has had resounding impacts on the dustless movement within the industry. Notably, NPS has moved large companies into going dustless in abrasives and tooling supply helping to start the phenomenon of clean air technologies around the USA. We pride ourselves in being compliant with all automotive facilities strict requirements with our dedicated supply of tools, abrasives and world class vacuum systems. Come find out why automakers are switching to NPS and enjoying the luxury of our dedicated and quality product that keeps their wheels turning.

GREY VELOUR (MIRACLE BLUE); 1"-6", 9" x 11", All Grits, Aluminum Oxide, C Weight, Holes Or No Holes, Dustless Applicable