TOOLS; Saws, Cut-Offs, Drills, Sanders, Floor Tools, Diamond Tools, Routers, Grinders, All Sizes, Dustless Applicable

Aerospace Supply

EUROVAC CENTRAL SYSTEMS; 2.5-75HP, Overhead, In-Ground, PVC, Spiral Duct, Galvanized Steel, Dustless Systems

Abrasives of all sorts are used in aviation. Come find the right fit to meet your contouring needs, cutting demands and finishing standards. Explore our catalog today and ask a rep for their expert advice whether your choice is right for the job you're looking to accomplish!

EUROVAC PORTABLE SYSTEMS; 2.5-15HP, Overhead, Portable, Wet Mix Systems, Explosion Proof Systems, Direct Hose Plug In, Dustless Systems

Need to be more flexible with your dust collection techniques? We offer our Eurovac portables and have options to attach a portable to the hull of an aircraft, just ask! These systems run like a central system so you wont miss out on the performance you need. Ask a representative today how we can help keep your aircraft dust free.

The Eurovac brand is a sturdy vessel that will last you ages. With high vacuum and high volume options available you can assure yourself that you're getting the right system for your production area at sensible prices. Come find out what a properly engineered system can do for you.

NPS tools are hand selected by worthy manufacturers we have deemed as having the best quality for the applicable job. Come take a look at our expansive tool list which includes dual action sanders, routers, cut-off tools, saws, drills, belt sanders, floor sanders and grinders. The right tools fit for the right production, every time.

ABRASIVES; All Kinds, All Sizes, A to Z weight, Customizable, Dustless Applicable

    The NPS brand reaches high... for the sky, with our latest innovations for Aircraft manufacturing. NPS has worked with many aviation companies to supply a total solution to their manufacturing equipment, dust extraction, abrasive supply, composite reclamation and alloy reclamation. NPS takes pride in supplying the right tools for the sensitive metals and composites used in aviation building and manufacture. Our controlled explosive dust extraction systems are a perfect grab for aluminum combustion mitigation when looking for equipment to clean your plants and they also meet the NFPA 654. Come find the difference and excellence of the NPS advantage in tooling, abrasives and dust extraction systems.

GSA Contract No.: GS07F099GA

United States Based Industrial Supplier and Manufacturer of Sanding Abrasives, Tools, Gloves, Janitorial and Dust Extraction.

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